What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein…and muscle.  

What are essential amino acids?

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are, as the name implies, critical since they can only be obtained through what you eat.  The body can create other aminos through conversion, but not these.

What’s the difference between Whey Protein and EAAs?

Whey is a cast-off waste product from the production of cheese.  It’s high in protein content and has been used for over four decades as a nutritional supplement.  It’s pretty good stuff, BUT it has plenty of downsides including bloating, plenty of calories, cholesterol, and often comes with a lot of fillers: that big scoop only contains a small percentage of essential amino acids, the only EAAs required to build muscle.

Whey protein also cannot be used by the body immediately, it needs to be digested into individual amino acids first.  Whey contains 22 aminos, so plenty of stuff you don’t need to build muscle and is one of the reasons their packaging is so big:  a big ol’ scoop is required, even though most of its contents don’t help with muscle building.  Plus, it can take hours to break a protein down which is a big waste of time when you want to replenish.

EAAs are also a protein, a very specialized one.   There are nine EAAs and together they are used by the body to replace old muscle (2% of your muscle is turned over each day) and build new.  If a single EAA isn’t available, muscle-building will cease.  This is why it’s so important to have all nine, in the right ratio for absorption, available whenever the body needs them.

INVISIBLE FORCE™ Essential Amino Acids are quite different from both Whey and other EAA formulas.  It has been clinically developed to match the exact ratios to most efficiently build muscle.  You need more of some EAAs, fewer of others.  And because INVISIBLE FORCE has essential amino acids already in a form ready to be absorbed immediately (vs. hours after digestion), it gets to work in just minutes.

Is the product acceptable for Vegetarians? For Vegans?

Both vegans and vegetarians choose not to eat meat, however vegans are stricter and also do not eat dairy, eggs, honey, and any other items that derive from animal products, such as leather and silk.  Many vegetarians do consume byproducts that do not involve the slaughter of animals, including eggs, dairy products, honey and wool derivatives.

 Invisible Force is not appropriate for vegans as some of the amino acids are derived from wool, but may be consumed by vegetarians if wool derivatives are acceptable within their personal philosophies.

Where is Invisible Force made?

We have two manufacturing partners, one in Tennessee and one in Wisconsin.  Both are major nutrition manufactures and are NSF® certified.

Where do the ingredients in the formula come from?

They come from high quality sources all over the world, including the USA, China and Vietnam.

Does Invisible Force invent this technology? Does it own the patent?

No, we partner with the company that owns the exclusive license though.

Where can I learn more about how BCAAs on their own do not work? I’ve always heard these are great nutritional supplements.

Understandable – the sports nutrition industry has fueled this category for almost a decade; it’s very profitable for them at your expense.  There’s some good information out on Google, but just as much conflicting information.  Remember, BCAAs are fantastic and critical ingredients, but don’t build muscle on their own.  Here’s the definitive, published description and rationale: Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality? (aminoauthority.com)

How do you test the product for potency and purity?

A battery of tests are completed both before and after production.  Each ingredient is identity tested as well as tested for microbiological and heavy metal conformance to specifications and global regulations including some of the toughest in the world (e.g. markets like Australia, Canada and Japan).  Additionally, after manufacturing the product is tested for microbiology/heavy metals again as well as the potency of the amino acids (our patented EAA technology requires precision ratios).  Upon verification that all specifications are met or exceeded, a Certificate of Analysis is generated as well as retain samples as per FDA regulatory requirements.

When’s the best time to take INVISIBLE FORCE?

There’s no bad time, but the ideal would be to take on an empty stomach.  Muscles get thirsty for essential amino acids and when taken when you wake up or between meals they go to work right away.

Do I need to take Whey Protein when taking INVISBLE FORCE?

There’s no need, however INVISIBLE FORCE is light and refreshing.  We know some people who like to also take a whey protein shake during the day because it makes them feel full.

What about BCAAs?

BCAAs are incredibly useful.  As a matter of fact, they are three of the nine essential amino acids. The problem with BCAA-only products is they contain only three of the nine EAAs….and by definition cannot build muscle by themselves, so physiologically speaking, BCAA products are a complete waste of money.

Does INVISIBLE FORCE contain lactose?

Nope, it’s lactose-free.  No uncomfortable bloat.


No GMOs here.

Why does INVISIBLE FORCE mix clear?

Other brands add dyes to match their flavor…red for berry, for example.  We didn’t feel the need. Dyes don’t help with performance, so why bother?

Will INVISIBLE FORCE help me lose weight?

Absolutely.  Not only does our product have fewer calories than whey protein, it helps build lean muscle which in turn helps burn fat

Is there a downside to taking INVISIBLE FORCE two, three, four times a day? What about a double scoop?

There’s no downside, just diminishing returns.  For example, research shows a 57% improvement in muscle synthesis with one scoop and 78% with two.  Is there a benefit – sure! But it’s not double for two scoops.  If you do choose to take the product multiple times a day, it’s best to space them out: let the body use the EAAs as fuel until depletion, then refuel. Rinse and repeat.


Why not just eat more protein-rich food?

We’re a big proponent of nutrition through real, quality foods.  The reality is, though, that you don’t always have a chicken breast handy!  Additionally, it takes you hours to digest the protein in the food to release the EAAs that build muscle…and sometimes you just don’t want to wait.  Foods like steak also come with cholesterol and salt that aren’t friendly to a healthy lifestyle.  INVISIBLE FORCE is simply pure muscle building power, nothing more or less.