About me

Hi, I’m James! I’m passionate about sports nutrition and want to help people achieve their very best. I’m excited to bring you a new nutrition technology that’s vastly superior to traditional muscle building supplements. For years of working out I struggled to find the perfect supplement that worked for me. Whether it was the pre-workouts with too much caffeine or not liking the clumpy protein shakes that are very thick. This is when Invisible Force was created a nice clear but very powerful supplement that is great for every individual. While growing up it hit when I was about 16 years old when I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I would go around my neighborhood and give out flyers for me to cut peoples lawn. Once I hit college my journey really sparked, I wanted to help people in anyway I can. I fell in love with fitness and this supplement is a great way for me to help everyone we are able to. Enjoy!!

  • News Interview

    James, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, was recently interviewed by the news about the launch of his company. Despite his young age, he has achieved launching a buiness and is seen as an inspiration to other young people looking to start their own businesses.

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  • Podcast

    James Demorrow, a young business owner, recently appeared on the "Underdog" podcast to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur. He shared valuable insights and lessons learned from his experiences, as well as the challenges he faced as a young business owner, on the podcast.

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  • Featured University News

    James, a university student and young entrepreneur, was recently featured in his university's newsletter for starting his own business while still in school and becoming an inspiration to his peers.